2. Comprehensive responses available to all

We need to design a system that gives people and their whānau easy access to a range of comprehensive services and supports:

  • Give practical application to Ti Tiriti o Waitangi by embedding Tikanga Māori responses to population wellbeing, distress and addiction.
  • Provide acceptable responses to diverse populations, including Māori, Pasifika, refugees, people in the criminal justice system, disabled people, the Deaf community, veterans, rural people, LGBTIQ, the young and the old.
  • Develop and fund the twelve core Big Community responses to improve life and health outcomes across the lifespan:
    • Wellbeing promotion and self-management

    • Stable housing

    • Education and employment supports

    • Income support

    • Whānau and parenting support

    • Psychiatric treatments

    • Physical healthcare

    • Community and home-based crisis support

    • Talking therapies

    • Cultural and spiritual healing

    • Community connection

    • Advocacy and navigation

The Big Community wheel of responses and workforces



  • The responses represent a focus of attention and are not necessarily separate services.
  • Many people will only need one or two of the responses. For instance, everyone needs wellbeing promotion but very few people in the population need crisis support.